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Jasmine Rhodes: Collection Inspiration

Jasmine Rhodes

Jasmine Rhodes: Collection Inspiration

Describe what inspired the look for your collection?
I was initially inspired by the gaudiness of the early 2000s. When you look at photos of celebrities on the red carpet or print ads for fashion and beauty campaigns, you can see a plethora of crazy fashion choices; some of which have trickled down into today’s style. I started my process by researching fashion trends from that era, and gathered what I thought were the most iconic so I could zero in on a concept for my designs. I did not want to take the theme too literally and simply recreate looks from that decade, so instead, I decided to use the trends and modernize them into more high fashion, runway pieces. I want my models to look like they are 2000’s Era Barbie Doll Collectables, fresh out of the packaging, but I also want to incorporate my signature “cat ears” into each piece to make them my own. You can expect to see all-over prints, over-sized pieces, playful textures, chain and gold detailing, classic silhouettes, graphics, fur, feminine accents, denim, and a few plays on transparency.

What pieces did you find at Triad Goodwill that will make your collection stand out?
So far, I have visited various Goodwill stores in Greensboro, looking for great textures and prints. I stumbled upon some heavily embroidered tall window curtains, as well as some very picturesque curtains and table runners. Once I gathered enough jacquard printed materials, I turned to the sweater department for some softer textures to blend with the harder textures. I like to incorporate accessories into my collections, so I snagged some luggage, totes, hats, books, and other pieces to repurpose. Though I already have three bags worth of products, I’m still looking for that wow factor. I plan to visit a few more stores outside of Greensboro before I end my shopping journey.

What has been/do you anticipate will be the biggest challenge in making your vision into reality?
When I began this journey, I sketched garments for each of my models to have a clear direction when shopping for materials. Once I hit the first Goodwill, I immediately thought to myself, “I’m going to have to scrap every idea I had.”  The issue was that I was not guaranteed to find the types of materials needed to make those “specific” garments, because I’m not shopping at JoAnn Fabrics, I’m shopping at Goodwill for pieces that are already made. I felt this was going to be extremely difficult for me because I’m more of a calculated designer, who starts with a concept, and then executes based on that concept. I have never been much of a “thrifter” like some of my friends, nor did I ever really re-purpose any garments that I owned. I would either shop for something new or create something from scratch.  My biggest challenge will be thinking outside of the box as I continue to visit these stores. I would have never thought to turn a hundred neck ties into a ball gown, so that is the level of thinking I need to be on as I work on my remaining looks for this show.

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