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Jasmine Rhodes: Unconventional Material Challenge

Jasmine Rhodes: Unconventional Material Challenge Jasmine Rhodes What inspired your look for the Unconventional Material Challenge? When I was researching trends from the 2000s era, I stumbled upon a familiar trend, which reminded me of my high school days- the paper fortune teller. I used to make these all the time in class with my friends, using random topics and colors, and I immediately thought, “How cool would it be to create a life-size paper fortune teller?”  I was going to incorporate some wording onto the fortune teller structure, but instead, I wanted the garment to have more [...]

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Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation

Jasmine Rhodes Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation Describe why you wanted to participate in Rock the Runway As an emerging designer, I am always looking for new opportunities that will push me out of my comfort zone and expand my mind.  I heard about this show from fellow designers and they felt it would be a great fit for me, and I must agree. It has been such an interesting experience, especially pushing my mind to turn these pieces into wearable fashion.  I look at a set of curtains and think, “can these be a pair of [...]

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2018 Unconventional Material Challenge

Triad Goodwill's annual Rock the Runway Fashion Fundraiser is coming up March 9 at the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro. We're giving you a sneak peek of the paper garments created for our Greensboro News & Record Unconventional Material Challenge. At least 75% of the visible material on the garment should be made of newsprint, provided by the News & Record. The goal is to create a look from paper – that doesn’t look like paper. Vote for your favorite design through 4pm on February 12, 2018. The News & Record will then choose a winner from the three looks with the [...]

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Jasmine Rhodes: Collection Inspiration

Jasmine Rhodes Jasmine Rhodes: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection? I was initially inspired by the gaudiness of the early 2000s. When you look at photos of celebrities on the red carpet or print ads for fashion and beauty campaigns, you can see a plethora of crazy fashion choices; some of which have trickled down into today’s style. I started my process by researching fashion trends from that era, and gathered what I thought were the most iconic so I could zero in on a concept for my designs. I did not want to [...]

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