Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation

///Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation

Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation

Jasmine Rhodes

Jasmine Rhodes: Rock The Runway Participation

Describe why you wanted to participate in Rock the Runway
As an emerging designer, I am always looking for new opportunities that will push me out of my comfort zone and expand my mind.  I heard about this show from fellow designers and they felt it would be a great fit for me, and I must agree. It has been such an interesting experience, especially pushing my mind to turn these pieces into wearable fashion.  I look at a set of curtains and think, “can these be a pair of pants perhaps?” The ideas are endless.  I’m not very good with Avant Garde fashion, and I tend to stay more in the wearable fashion lane, but I still feel that I can push my pieces to the point where they are super interesting, eye-catching, and giving great runway appeal to compete against the other designers in this show.

What has been the best part of your participation in the fashion fundraiser so far?
The best part of participating in this show is searching for the materials. I still haven’t stopped searching different goodwill stores, looking for cool textured fabrics and statement pieces, not only for this show, but for my life.  Before this show, I never really visited the goodwill stores, except to drop off donations during my spring cleaning process.  Now, I have a new perspective of how I can utilize pieces from the stores and repurpose them into new fashion garments. I want to start exploring different Goodwill stores outside of the Triad to continue my search for lost goods.

What is the most unique piece you purchased from Triad Goodwill for your collection?
The most unique piece that I purchased was this embroidered tapestry-looking curtain valance. The print just stood out to me, because it looked like a famous painting, and the textures were interesting. I was sad that I couldn’t find more of it to make a gown, so I had to compromise and make a short two-piece set. I’ve also found some nice bags that I plan to repurpose for the show as well, because I think it will add an extra pop to my mini collection.

Curtain Valance

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