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Georgann Schultz: Collection Inspiration

Georgann Schultz

Georgann Schultz: Collection Inspiration

Describe what inspired the look for your collection:

This has been an evolving process. The initial inspiration came from a series of books that I have been obsessing over recently, The All Souls Trilogy. The book is rich with descriptions of clothing worn by the characters as the story sweeps the reader through time- from Elizabethan England, WW2 right up to modern day.

As the creative process has been flowing, my research reminded me that I was a teen, and graduated high school in the 70s! I really hate to admit it, but I wore a lot of DENIM!  So, my sketches have been utilizing this plentiful textile! The 70s were also filled with so many unique trends and amazing firsts that have become ingrained in our common psyche: Disco- oh yes I have been there!  Star Wars- I was glued to my theater seat and gasped in amazement at the films! The 70s also had a major fashion disaster (in my personal opinion)- double knit LEISURE SUITS! I‘m ashamed to say I wore one for my high school graduation photos! But, I was only 17 and thought I was at the height of fashion with my white double knit suit with a psychedelic colored single knit blouse underneath. Both the suit and blouse had massive, pointed collars competing for collarbone space! I shudder as I remember this!

Expect some classic 70s looks from denim to disco fit for the All Souls characters to wear!

What has been / do you anticipate will be the biggest challenge in making your vision a reality?

The difficulty was in connecting my theme of the 70’s with my original inspiration, The All Souls Trilogy. Then I realized, almost all of these characters were alive in the 70s! So, I’m using my imagination to picture each character during this hippie-filled, revolutionary, denim-happy era in fashion history. Luckily, I just can’t find any leisure suits to repurpose! (Thank the fashion Gods!)

What pieces did you find at Triad Goodwill that will make your collection stand out?

A vintage, hand stitched quilt topper that was never finished! This is designer GOLD for the 70s look!  I also found some vintage ties and some “far out” denim pieces that are repurposing beautifully, and some “groovy” accessories!

Time to get back to work creating an exciting 70s fashion show for you to enjoy!  “Catch you on the flip side!”


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