Cleo FaucetteWhen I first embarked on this journey with Goodwill Rock the Runway, I must admit I didn’t know what to expect. I was first and foremost nerves because i would be competing with several students who younger designers in this arena.  I was also pretty nervous because I hadn’t designed a couture piece in many years and wasn’t sure if i still had my creative mind to do so.

Cleo Faucette

My first couple of visits to the Goodwill were ill shot, there were so many things to look through and pick from that it was overwhelming.  So, I decided to make several trips over the course of three weeks just to feel out what ideas come to me.  The more I visited the locations, the more creative I became.  It just started flowing like a fountain.  I was so excited to get started on everything that I had several, pieces ready rather quickly.


Cleo FaucetteAs the weeks turned into months and I started sketching, I started to feel my creative juices coming back.  It really felt good to still be able to make something that is one of a kind and sew it myself.

Another thing that I really enjoyed during this process is, the other designers I have had the chance to meet and hang out with as well.  Greensboro has a lot of talent within this city and we are all grateful to the goodwill industries for giving us a venue to express and show our talents.  I alone am thankful for being selected to create for this event and want to say one thing to designers of any age and that is:  Don’t let your age slow down your dream, I plan to design until the day I am welcomed on the other side.  So, may you design as a couture, ready to wear, or for a hobby; creativity is in the eye of the beholder and I say push on.  THANK YOU GOODWILL!

Cleo Faucette



Good Luck to All

One Love,