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All of our designers did an amazing job!  Each one of them rocked the runway with their final ten piece collection!  For a video from the event visit our YouTube by clicking here! For more photos from the show, visit our Facebook Page here. We would like to congratulate Designer Taylor Rutledge for winning the 2015 Judges' Choice Award!  The judges were wowed by her Alice in Wonderland theme! Congratulations are also in order for Designer Uvana Doran!   Uvana won both the Best Children's Wear Design, as well as, the 2015 Designer of the Year Award with her Harlem Nights [...]

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Goodwill Rock the Runway – Designer Cleo Faucette

When I first embarked on this journey with Goodwill Rock the Runway, I must admit I didn't know what to expect. I was first and foremost nerves because i would be competing with several students who younger designers in this arena.  I was also pretty nervous because I hadn't designed a couture piece in many years and wasn't sure if i still had my creative mind to do so. My first couple of visits to the Goodwill were ill shot, there were so many things to look through and pick from that it was overwhelming.  So, I decided to make [...]

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Online Voting is Now Open!

  Rock the Runway online voting is NOW OPEN. Which designs are your favorite so far? Remember you can see each designer's six remaining looks the night of the show! VOTE HERE: -------->

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Shower(Curtain Call)! – Designer Cleo Faucette

When I embarked on this adventure with the goodwill show, I had no idea how creative things would get.  I searched and searched until I found the perfect items to display some of the ideas circling in my mind.  At one of the good will locations I found several shower curtains, yes I said SHOWER CURTAINS! This is the picture of the first shower curtain I came across.  I thought it was just a beautiful fabric and new right away that I wanted to make a long maxi dress with this shower curtain.  So, I laid the material out trying [...]

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Transition to Fall with Summer Dresses/Skirts in tow!!

        At the beginning of every fall season, I take a look at my summer wear to decide what I can carry over for Fall.  I have been doing this process for as long as I can remember.  When I shop for summer clothes, I keep in mind "Is this something that can have a dual purpose?"  I am a true believer in stretching clothing into the next season whenever possible.  For example, I took my favorite beach cover, a long sleeve shirt and a great pair of jeans to wear into the fall.       [...]

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