Celeb-inspired looked

Florence’s Beyonce-inspired look

This one is for my ladies and gentlemen as well. We all have our favorite celebrities that have style and wish we could afford those beautiful outfits they wear.Well, here’s a fun way to challenge yourself and you can even include a friend to make your shopping experience at goodwill a fun one.

A few years ago I did a celebrity inspirational look for less. I got my pieces from Goodwill and added some pieces I already had at home and I had a blast doing it.
My inspirational look came from Beyonce. I’m pretty sure that outfit cost a lot, but mine was under $30 dollars and I think I did pretty good 🙂

I am challenging you to do your own inspirational look. You can tag me on instagram @msafricanbeauti and on facebook @Florence Wallace, and I’ll like and share it on my page. Good luck and let the challenge begin!!!! 🙂

2016-08-24_10-19-56Blazer= $5 @Goodwill
Scarf= $1.50 @Goodwill
T-shirt = $2.00 @Goodwill
Jeans and shoes=already had in my closet