Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge

///Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge

Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge

Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge

Desiree Hedrick

What inspired your look for the Unconventional Materials Challenge?
My paper garment was inspired by the 90s, and the Fresh Prince TV character, “Aunt Viv.” This look embodies power, elegance, and grace which is exactly what comes to mind when I think of “Aunt Viv.” I used duct tape to create the striped print, and for structure, I created the boxy cape that’s connected with a hand painted gold chain. The flare at the bottom of the cape was box pleated and faced with duct tape for strength. Paired with this cape is my strapless fitted jumpsuit which is lined and covered with duct tape. The surface of the jumpsuit and flare on the cape has a colorful spatter spray paint design to symbolize graffiti.

What is the best part of participating in a challenge like this?
I enjoy working with unconventional materials, so creating a look out of paper inspired by the 90s was challenging, yet exciting! The best part for me was coming up with ideas and seeing them come to life! Also, spray painting it was very fun!

What has been the toughest part of designing a look out of news print?
Paper is extremely fragile, so trying to create a fitted jumpsuit resulted in plenty of rips. Once I duct taped the inside and outside of the jumpsuit, it was finally secure enough to walk in!

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone participating in a similar challenge, what would you tell him/her and why?
Don’t let the fear of working with unconventional materials stunt your creativity! Push yourself beyond your limits! Never give up, even it seems impossible. Your best work comes when you kick fear out the door, and design with confidence and peace! These reminders have helped me design beyond what I thought I could create, so I know it’ll be helpful advice to everyone!

Spray Paint Details

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