Georgann Schultz: Unconventional Material Challenge

///Georgann Schultz: Unconventional Material Challenge

Georgann Schultz: Unconventional Material Challenge

Georgann Schultz: Unconventional Materials Challenge

Georgann Schultz

What inspired your look for the Unconventional Material Challenge?
I have many inspirations for my paper runway look.  My model is a huge Cher fan and has always wanted to do a Cher inspired look for the runway, so I am helping Macaria Rage (a.k.a. Sean Roach) fulfill that dream. I researched a classic 70 look from Chef, and of course took inspiration from Bob Mackie. I gravitated to a stylized Native American look worn by Cher. I had to design this to be my own work, but wanted people to know immediately that it is Cher and Mackie!

The colors used are inspired by a few different things. The first being the rainbow community that I have close ties with, and the second being GreenPeace’s Rainbow Warrior which was sunk in 1978 while on a mission to save the whales. My third inspiration is how a 70’s goddess would look from my favorite author’s books!  Thus the production of my Rainbow Goddess Warrior you will see on the stage in March.

What is the best part of participating in a challenge like this?
The best part has been pushing my boundaries to find ways to work with paper that can fool the eye and look like fabric and / or leather AND hold together. It has been interesting to say the least.

What has been the toughest part of designing a look out of newsprint?
The toughest part has been the construction of my design so it will stay together and not rip apart.  Newsprint is very light-weight and tears easily, I want the runway look to blow people’s minds and for everyone to say:  “How did she do that?”  I have been using real construction techniques with paper-   stitching, shaping, and dressmaker’s construction has taken precedence over gluing and just hoping it will hold.  The entire outer dress is made of paper, not paper glued or attached to a pre-existing dress.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone participating in a similar challenge, what would you tell him/her and why?
Think out of the box and be sure to allow a lot of time to make your design a reality. Do NOT wait until the last minute to do things.  Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Sometimes what everyone says won’t work, may be the answer you are looking for!

I hope you enjoy my Unconventional Material Challenge Look; I have spent more than 100 hours on the design and construction of my Rainbow Warrior, and have included the Goodwill Mission Statement into the piece.  It is my homage to my friends, the 70s, my favorite author, and all the help that Triad Goodwill has given me and my family over the years.

Materials in Progress!

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