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Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge

Desiree Hedrick: Unconventional Material Challenge Desiree Hedrick What inspired your look for the Unconventional Materials Challenge? My paper garment was inspired by the 90s, and the Fresh Prince TV character, “Aunt Viv.” This look embodies power, elegance, and grace which is exactly what comes to mind when I think of “Aunt Viv.” I used duct tape to create the striped print, and for structure, I created the boxy cape that’s connected with a hand painted gold chain. The flare at the bottom of the cape was box pleated and faced with duct tape for strength. Paired with this [...]

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Desiree Hedrick: Rock The Runway Participation 

Desiree Hedrick Desiree Hedrick: Rock The Runway Participation Why do I want to participate in the Goodwill Rock the Runway fashion show? Participating in the Triad Goodwill Rock the Runway fashion show as a volunteer last year inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new! This fashion show is a great platform for exposure and networking opportunities. This competition also challenges me to think outside of the box to redesign used clothing. In addition, it allows me be part of a wonderful fundraiser that supports our community. What has been the best part [...]

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2018 Unconventional Material Challenge

Triad Goodwill's annual Rock the Runway Fashion Fundraiser is coming up March 9 at the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro. We're giving you a sneak peek of the paper garments created for our Greensboro News & Record Unconventional Material Challenge. At least 75% of the visible material on the garment should be made of newsprint, provided by the News & Record. The goal is to create a look from paper – that doesn’t look like paper. Vote for your favorite design through 4pm on February 12, 2018. The News & Record will then choose a winner from the three looks with the [...]

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Desiree Hedrick: Collection Inspiration

Desiree Hedrick Desiree Hedrick: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection: At our first Rock the Runway meeting, each designer had to randomly select a decade between the 1940s and the 2000s to be the theme for their collection. Even though I felt like I was on Project Runway, I was still very nervous about selecting my decade!  Luckily, I selected the 90s which was full of life, color, and excitement. I started by researching prominent trends, styles, colors, and silhouettes from the 90s. Then, I narrowed down the colors, silhouettes, and design details I [...]

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