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No Sew Snow Socks!

Have you ever had one of those days where you have an idea of the outfit you want to wear but you don't even have that outfit? I'm sure it has, or at least the thought of "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" has gone through your mind.   The other day for some odd reason I was determined to wear knee high socks with my knee high leather boots, but there was a problem...I only have black and white striped knee highs. There was no way I could wear the pair I own, whats the fun in that? I envisioned a [...]

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News Interview

How many people get the chance to display their talent on television????? Well I am one of the limited few!! On October 18,2014 I was interviewed on News 2 to give a sneak peak of my designs for the Good Will Rock The Runway Fashion Show. The fashion show will take place February 20,2015 at the Empire Room located in Downtown Greensboro. .  This was such an amazing opportunity, even though I was a little nervous in the beginning. I was able to speak about my collection and tell the audience how I created two of my designs.    If you missed the [...]

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Lights, Camera, Action!

    So time seems to be flying, and the Goodwill Rock The Runway show is on the horizon!  Are you excited? I certainly am! Designing and recreating garments for this show has birthed a whole new sense of creativity in my basket of ideas for my collection! Here's a video that I found on the web that captures the energy and very essence of my Harlem Renaissance/ Harlem Nights theme. I 'm not only inspired by the video, but I'm even more excited about presenting a collection that begs for your "oohs and ahhs!" I hope you've bought your [...]

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Shower(Curtain Call)! – Designer Cleo Faucette

When I embarked on this adventure with the goodwill show, I had no idea how creative things would get.  I searched and searched until I found the perfect items to display some of the ideas circling in my mind.  At one of the good will locations I found several shower curtains, yes I said SHOWER CURTAINS! This is the picture of the first shower curtain I came across.  I thought it was just a beautiful fabric and new right away that I wanted to make a long maxi dress with this shower curtain.  So, I laid the material out trying [...]

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How did I get here?

For me, timing has always been an irregular phenomenon. When I first applied to be a designer for the Goodwill Triad fashion show, I felt I had proved myself to be accountable and worthy to rock the runway. However, my timing was just a bit off. I realized I couldn't even be considered to be a designer for the show because I had not submitted my application in on time. I was discouraged and decided to let it go because, at that time, nothing could change my situation. Four months later, I receive an email from a fellow student, leader [...]

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