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 In this blog I will briefly discuss my design process and help you to understand how I communicate my vision as a designer. The first thing I do when designing a collection is think about the different inspirations or points of reference that I want to encompass within the collection. I usually find inspiration in nature, historical periods, and science fiction. I like the idea of super natural existences including aliens, killer plants, and even mermaids. I think about ways to interpret these creatures through fabric choices and design details to create characters with super natural feminine qualities. Next, I [...]

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Meet our 2015 Goodwill Rock the Runway Designers!

                          Meet the 2015 Goodwill Rock the Runway designers:  Chloe Bacot, Pang Kou Chang, Justin "Teddy Clark, Uvana Doran, Cleo Faucette,  and Alycia Hill!  Learn more about them by reading their bios!  The designers were all given $250 in gift cards.   Their challenge is to take items from Triad Goodwill stores and re-craft them into a 10 piece collection.  Last year's designers did an AMAZING job, and we cannot wait to see what the 2015 designers create!  (a look back at the 2014 collections) The designers will [...]

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