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All of our designers did an amazing job!  Each one of them rocked the runway with their final ten piece collection!  For a video from the event visit our YouTube by clicking here! For more photos from the show, visit our Facebook Page here. We would like to congratulate Designer Taylor Rutledge for winning the 2015 Judges' Choice Award!  The judges were wowed by her Alice in Wonderland theme! Congratulations are also in order for Designer Uvana Doran!   Uvana won both the Best Children's Wear Design, as well as, the 2015 Designer of the Year Award with her Harlem Nights [...]

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Online Voting is Now Open!

  Rock the Runway online voting is NOW OPEN. Which designs are your favorite so far? Remember you can see each designer's six remaining looks the night of the show! VOTE HERE: --------> http://woobox.com/xcq5bx

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For my Goodwill collection I was inspired by my love of science and costume design. Astronomical inspiration came from different photos and drawings I found of galaxies and stars with hues of black, gold, tan, and pewter. Since I hope to one day pursue my career in fashion as a celebrity costume designer and stylist I thought the Rock the Runway Competition would be a great way to get my feet wet working with different celebrity personas and catering to their personal images. I have some really cool ideas for these items. Want to see what I can make out [...]

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Designer Justin Clark – The Cosmic Icon Tour

                    For my collection, I was inspired by the iconic celebrities who has talent that seem to be "out of this world." For a very long time popular singers throughout the eras such as Madonna, Prince, and even Beyonce have helped to define fashion trends and pop culture through their lyrics, performances, and their concert costumes. I hope to one day design costumes for celebrity concerts and appearances and I try to encompass those performance qualities into my aesthetic. This is why for my collection I decided to use a different [...]

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Justin Clark – The Process

People often ask me as a designer, “how do you come up with so many different ideas without all of your clothes looking the same?” Little do they know that coming up with the ideas is the easy part. It’s the cutting and sewing aspect of the construction process that usually limits the ideas you can bring to life when designing. For me, it is more important to enjoy the process of creating rather than enjoy the beautiful rewards of meaningless effort. Designing is something very near and dear to me and I love every step in the process, especially when [...]

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