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Amber Kapas: Unconventional Material Challenge

Amber Kapas: Unconventional Materials Challenge

Amber Kapas

What inspired your look for the Unconventional Material Challenge (UMC)?
Inspiration for the UMC garment came from the geometric shapes on hairclips from the 80’s. Inspiration also came from one of my all-time favorite binge-worthy shows- Stranger Things and my go-to inspiration music artist, Joan Jett.

What is the best part of participating in a challenge like this?
Complete creative freedom with endless opportunity to adapt and open your mind to a new design style.

What has been the toughest part of designing a look out of newsprint?
Learning how to achieve/ execute a desired, proper fit of the garment while maintaining stability.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone participating in a similar challenge, what would you tell him/her and why?
Allow yourself enough time to properly execute the newsprint garment.  This was not as easy of a challenge as I once had thought! Starting with the vision of one idea, I began to struggle a bit with proper execution. Being unhappy with the product I was creating, my urge to redesign began. Eliminating stress during the earlier stages saves for an unfinished garment and an unhappy designer. Embrace the uniqueness of this challenge and just have fun!

UCM Challenge Close-Up


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