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Born and raised in Greensboro, N.C, at age 13 I decided that I wanted to be a famous fashion designer. Using my baby sister as my first model, and little brother as my first photographer, I improvised my resources to develop experience in fashion design. Re-crafting is where I began. In order to combat bullies who teased me for not owning popular brands, I began to up-cycle my own clothing in middle school with supplies from old clothing at thrift stores such as Goodwill.
My unique style became my signature and my peers would often request original fashions for themselves all through my high school years. Now I am a senior level design student in college, 22, and have created over 50 original garments over the last 4 years at UNCG. Designing is my passion and my desire for my vision to be seen and embraced is my motivation to keep pushing forward as a young local designer from the Greensboro community.

Three words that describe me as a designer are:  My aesthetic if described in three words would be structural, whimsical, and feminine. Structural because I like to experiment with different silhouettes and interpretations of the “ideal female body type.” Whimsical, because I like to incorporate aspects of costume design to add a wow factor to my garments. Feminine, because I typically design for women and they serve as my muses for my garments.

What motivates you as a designer?  My desire for growth as a designer within my design aesthetic is what motivates me to always try to design something unique and to learn new skills through fresh technical designs. My goal is to eventually establish an international brand in womens wear and costume design that has instant resonance of my aesthetic and my vision as a fashion designer. I want people to feel free and beautiful in my clothing and I try to enhance those inner and outer qualities that makes us feel beautiful and powerful through my garments.

Who are your favorite designers?  My favorite designers would be Thierry Mugler, Christopher Kane, and Donna Karen. I like the way that these designers reinterpret femininity with their own values and that is a quality I like to encompass in my design aesthetic.

I love Goodwill because… shopping at Goodwill in middle and high school allowed me to acquire some of the fashion that I saw in magazines as a young fashion enthusiast, but at an affordable price for my mom, who was a struggling single parent. I also love how Goodwill makes a difference in my community by providing opportunities such as professional development and jobs to prepare the members in our community to live independently.





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