Virginia Cole: Collection Inspiration

Virginia Cole Virginia Cole: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection: My collection inspiration relates to the history of the 1940s. There was a lot happening in that decade, however, I decided to mix war and glamour. The effects of war influenced the silhouette of the era, and when it was over, the “New Look” by Christian Dior gave new life to the world of fashion. What piece(s) did you find at Triad Goodwill that will make your collection stand out? There were many fabulous choices at Goodwill. I kept reminding myself that I was [...]

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LaShawn Millner: Collection Inspiration

LaShawn Millner LaShawn Millner: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection: The inspiration for my collection comes from my love of old classic television. One of my favorite shows as a little kid was “I Love Lucy.”  I was a huge fan of Lucy as a kid! I would watch her on “Nick at Nite” every evening. I loved the comedy, but I also loved the iconic fashion as well. When I think about my collection I also think about one of my favorite musicals, Grease. The poodle skirts and the pin up looks were [...]

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Desiree Hedrick: Collection Inspiration

Desiree Hedrick Desiree Hedrick: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection: At our first Rock the Runway meeting, each designer had to randomly select a decade between the 1940s and the 2000s to be the theme for their collection. Even though I felt like I was on Project Runway, I was still very nervous about selecting my decade!  Luckily, I selected the 90s which was full of life, color, and excitement. I started by researching prominent trends, styles, colors, and silhouettes from the 90s. Then, I narrowed down the colors, silhouettes, and design details I [...]

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2018 Rock the Runway Designers

2018 Rock The Runway Designers Meet the 2018 Designers Hold on to your handbags Triad Fashionistas - we have some big news about Greensboro’s favorite fashion fundraiser, Triad Goodwill’s Rock the Runway! Not only are we thrilled to introduce you to our seven talented designers, but this year Rock the Runway has a theme! In honor of the Elm Street Center’s history, each of our designers have randomly selected a decade ranging from the 1940s – 2000s to inspire their seven looks. Now, without further ado, meet our designers! Virginia Cole (1940s) - After working in cosmetology for [...]

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2017 Rock the Runway Recap

On February 24, 2017, seven designers took over the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro to showcase their one-of-a-kind creations on the catwalk. Sanja Grgic, Lakeasha Mccrimmon, Jessica Perry, Anndrea Robinson, Michelle Teague, Florence Wallace and Drew Waller turned Triad Goodwill finds into custom creations. Each designer created six looks using materials found in Triad Goodwill stores. Some of the most unique items included electric candles, piping and records. Each designer also used newsprint provided by the Greensboro News & Record for the Unconventional Material Challenge. Proceeds from the fashion fundraiser benefit Triad Goodwill's mission of helping people in our [...]

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