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LaShawn Millner: Unconventional Material Challenge

LaShawn Millner: Unconventional Material Challenge LaShawn Millner What inspired your look for the Unconventional Material Challenge? My unconventional challenge look was inspired by 1950’s designer Zelda Wynn Valdes. She was responsible for changing the style in the 50s as she was the creator of the Playboy Bunny outfit. What is the best part of participating in a challenge like this? The best part of participating in a challenge like this is that you find out just how strong you are as a designer and as a person. This challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone and into [...]

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LaShawn Millner: Rock the Runway Participation

LaShawn Millner LaShawn Millner: Rock the Runway Participation Describe why you wanted to participate in ROCK THE RUNWAY. I wanted to participate in Rock the Runway because I knew it would challenge me as a designer and it is also for a great cause. Triad Goodwill has done so much for the community and also for my family. There was a moment when my dad was utilizing their services and they helped him reach his goals and pushed him to succeed. Because of their program, my dad was able to get the training he needed and get his [...]

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2018 Unconventional Material Challenge

Triad Goodwill's annual Rock the Runway Fashion Fundraiser is coming up March 9 at the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro. We're giving you a sneak peek of the paper garments created for our Greensboro News & Record Unconventional Material Challenge. At least 75% of the visible material on the garment should be made of newsprint, provided by the News & Record. The goal is to create a look from paper – that doesn’t look like paper. Vote for your favorite design through 4pm on February 12, 2018. The News & Record will then choose a winner from the three looks with the [...]

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LaShawn Millner: Collection Inspiration

LaShawn Millner LaShawn Millner: Collection Inspiration Describe what inspired the look for your collection: The inspiration for my collection comes from my love of old classic television. One of my favorite shows as a little kid was “I Love Lucy.”  I was a huge fan of Lucy as a kid! I would watch her on “Nick at Nite” every evening. I loved the comedy, but I also loved the iconic fashion as well. When I think about my collection I also think about one of my favorite musicals, Grease. The poodle skirts and the pin up looks were [...]

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