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All of our designers did an amazing job!  Each one of them rocked the runway with their final ten piece collection!  For a video from the event visit our YouTube by clicking here! For more photos from the show, visit our Facebook Page here. We would like to congratulate Designer Taylor Rutledge for winning the 2015 Judges' Choice Award!  The judges were wowed by her Alice in Wonderland theme! Congratulations are also in order for Designer Uvana Doran!   Uvana won both the Best Children's Wear Design, as well as, the 2015 Designer of the Year Award with her Harlem Nights [...]

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Online Voting is Now Open!

  Rock the Runway online voting is NOW OPEN. Which designs are your favorite so far? Remember you can see each designer's six remaining looks the night of the show! VOTE HERE: --------> http://woobox.com/xcq5bx

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Lights, Camera, Action!

    So time seems to be flying, and the Goodwill Rock The Runway show is on the horizon!  Are you excited? I certainly am! Designing and recreating garments for this show has birthed a whole new sense of creativity in my basket of ideas for my collection! Here's a video that I found on the web that captures the energy and very essence of my Harlem Renaissance/ Harlem Nights theme. I 'm not only inspired by the video, but I'm even more excited about presenting a collection that begs for your "oohs and ahhs!" I hope you've bought your [...]

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“From This To That” …Uptown Chic

As the saying goes "who would have thunk it!?" An evening dress from a pair of curtains, a posh and chic cocktail dress from a sequinned top... or an awesome and indeed most fashionable sports jacket from a bride's maids dress!  From this..to that!  Just a few pictures from our latest Goodwill Rock The Runway Photo and Commercial shoot! You wouldn't believe it if I told you, so I had to show you! Enjoy and stay tuned to this Harlem Nights inspired collection... It's a design journey you don't want to miss! 

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Window Drama!

What to do, what to do,  with those old satin curtains that served their purpose in creating a dramatic look for your windows..but now hurt your eyes???   Well lucky me! I found a wonderful pair of grapefruit orange satin curtains on my last Goodwill shopping extravaganza.  The color of the curtain panels was so eye-popping (hanging there at the end of the rack) they were just begging to be a dress! Those of you "DIY" folks out there who love to re-create looks and love re-crafted fashion, this is an excellent idea..considering two curtain panels will provide more than [...]

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