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Sanja Grgic: From Idea to Realization

From Idea to Realization Idea begins with inspiration and inspiration begins with motivation. From idea to realization there are several steps and they do not necessarily always follow the same scheme. Research is important at every beginning to understand the market, the competition and recent trends. Often, you also get inspired and get ideas about which direction you want to go. In fact, in most projects designers are required to make a trend analysis, including color forecasting, first. Color is big, although it is also true that designers go out of the box. Some designers are known by [...]

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Michelle Teague: DIY – Easy Ribbon Skirt

Easy Ribbon Dress Easy ribbon skirt using an old robe from Triad Goodwill, tulle, and ribbon Reasons for using this method instead of the overly popularized tie tulle skirt: This method is faster It does not tangle Instructions:  Measure how long you would like your dress to be. I did this by holding the robe up to my toddler. Cut the bottom of the robe and sew any openings shut. Use a wide stitch or hand stitch around both the tulle and robe. By pulling the thread, both the robe and tulle will scrunch, making the tulle appear puffy. After picking [...]

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Lakeasha Mccrimmon: No Longer Just Pillow Cases

I painted two pillow cases using acrylic paint (canary yellow and Caribbean blue). My vision is to have a yellow veil that will match the design. Also there is a little something special that will be added to the design to give it a grand entrance!!! The design will have two pieces top and bottom separate. This design was a fun challenge to construct.  

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Jessica Perry: From Something to Something New

From Something to Something New Doing my initial Goodwill item haul was very exciting. I had so much fun picking out items for my collection. I was very surprised to find items that fit exactly into my vision. I found a ton of neutral-colored items that happened to be loose fitting. The best things that I picked up weren’t even articles of clothing. Things such as pillow cases, curtains and pillow shams immediately caught my eye and I just HAD to buy them. I must say that finding so many items that fit my vision made me even [...]

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Drew Waller: Military Influence in Fashion

Skirt from Triad Goodwill. What will it become? I tried to go shopping with an idea in mind, but I was not sure of what I would find. My idea was to incorporate a military influence into today’s fashion with a contrast of denim. I unexpectedly found multiple things that fit into this idea so luckily I did not have to change my idea. After I found these items I figured out what I wanted to do with them and that, surprisingly, was not hard at all. The hardest part is putting all my ideas into an outfit. [...]

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